About Aastha Kunj

A rejuvenated landscape, a haven from the monotony of existence, a refuge of serenity, a gateway to meditate, a place to reflect, Aastha Kunj is the new age spiritual garden. A vision of Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prme Minister of India, inaugurated this theme park to promote world peace and unity. Situated in the heart of Indian capital, it offers spiritual serenity amid nature's reserve. This haven of tranquility and peace is not only a spiritual ground of unparalleled beauty but also a real effort towards promoting Global peace and co-existence. Spread over 200 acre in New Delhi. Aastha Kunj's plan integrates a well manicured park and the holy sites of Kalkaji Mandir, Bahai's Temple and ISKCON complex, thereby combining the rarity of spiritual serenity amid nature's reserve and socio-cultural initiatives.

This amazing landscape, where nature's splendor adn the tranquility of spiritual ground go hand-in-hand, is indeed a haven from the monotony of existence - an unseen part of oneself - in this otherwise mundane and materialistic world. This serene land has a history in itself dating back to the First Millennium BC. For sure, from a date of 3rd Century BC (2300 years back), the minor rock inscription (very much situated inside the Aastha Kunj) created on the orders of Asoka, the mighty Mauryan Emperor of India carries the world vision.

However, the time has come to see this Aastha Kunj develop as an epicenter of India which is truly a global in every sense. To develop this place, we need to learn from experts and spiritual laeaders from various strata and walks of life. Therefore, we aspire to establish an Advisory Board to form an Aastha Kunj Association. It is the need of hour that we offer a splendid landmark which Delhi can be identified with worldwide. Your benign presence would be a beacon of light and a great asset.